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A Little Polaroid Fun…

My how the giants have fallen.  I came across these old videos posted by PetaPixel and can’t believe how a company so large could fall so hard.  I used to have a Polaroid camera in college, I’d take it to the bars and had out the pics I took to others…it was a lot of fun.  Now I can’t even find film for my camera 😦

At least I have these videos   😀  (check em out!)


A Great New Addition

Pocket Wizards are a photographer’s best friend.  They allow you (with the proper tools) to change the look and light of any subject easily.  For those who don’t know, pocket wizzards are remote recievers and transmitters that can be attached to a camera, a flash or a strobe unite for remote triggering.  This comes in handy for mounted cameras in rafters, or placing flashes off in a distance or hiding them to lite remote areas of a picture.  The link below talks about an update to the Pocket Wizard.

New Take on the Model Photograph

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to photograph people.  I came across this post and thought it was pretty neat.  Thinking outside the box is never a bad thing…